Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quiet of the Morning

I am the one and only in our family that loves the quiet of the morning. For the most part I always have. Sure the morning never seemed a pleasure when the kids were babies and we were up half the night or they just plain wore me out during the day. But now, here in this place, today, everyone is asleep and the day is just beginning. The birds are chirping, there is a chill in the air and God's world is beginning to come alive. Even as a kid I was always the first one out of bed. In college I annoyed my cousin who shared my room when I would get up at the crack of dawn to study or just drink coffee and grab the news. Then it was the one thing I could count on, no matter what the night was like I knew a new fresh morning was just around the corner. Now it is the one part of the day where I completely feel the peace of the Lord, I can connect with Him without interruption and pray over our day before it begins.
Today I am praying over our camp trip. I pray for good weather, I pray for God's blessing over our vehicles and safety for everyone, I pray our business stays in tact and no emergencies pop up that just have to be taken care of, I pray customers understand when we say we can't get to them until next week and stay our customers anyway, I pray nobody gets sick and everyone gets along and most of all I pray for that re-connection where our sentences run into each other and we laugh until it hurts. Oh Lord I pray your blessings over this trip my children so deserve it. We have planned this much anticipated camp trip in "The Big Red Bus for months. Whenever the kids were tired of school or just bored I would encourage them to plan some more crafts, games, activities, meals you name it, it has been planned. The kids have it all in their little minds and we need to have some Family Fun. School is out for the summer and their reward for this crazy year has finally arrived. We made it. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, all were seen this year with all of the changes in our household but we made it with everyone Happy, Healthy and Emotionally in tact. Praise the Lord.
I'll try to post pictures. Hope everyone in enjoying the beginning of a wonderful summer.
Off the Hueston Woods State Park we go.


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  1. Oh Chelle...I love you. you know I share your fondness for the early morning. Truth is, I have not had those quiet mornings practically since living here. Three babies in four years...doesn't allow for much early mornings all alone. I can't wait until they all sleep a little longer and I can return to that. I will pray with you that your camp trip is so wonderful. I envy the thought of how much fun it will be. And I celebrate with you the completion of a school year. A school year bathed in prayer and tears. It is done now and you are survived! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness, His protection, and His provision. GOd bless you guys. Much love, M.