Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Dreamed About Princesses

When Natalie woke yesterday morning, she quietly came down the stairs to find me on the sofa. She wrapped her little arms around me so tight and said "I dweamed about pwincesses wast night and it was so bewtiful". I scooped her up and gave her many kisses while looking into her big brown eyes that were just glowing and told her she was my little princess. Oh how I love this age with her, every moment seems so special.
It was Grandparent's Day at her pre-school and she was so excited. My mom came to get her at about 9:00 to take her to the school. I had to stay home with Joe who was up all night with a stomach flu. Chris' Dad, Stepmom and Mom were meeting them at the school at 9:30. They had a great morning of crafts and fun. Mom took us to get lunch to bring back home and we enjoyed visiting with her the afternoon on the front porch.
After I picked up Brianna from school I took her to meet my sister. They invited her to go camping with them for the Memorial weekend.
Chris is working today so the little kids are playing outside in their new pool and slip -n- slide while I'm cleaning the house and doing laundry.
We have been so busy, most of this weekend will be spent just catching up but it feels good to be home. We are going to make a campfire one night to roast hot dogs and smores. The bus came with a fire pit that we have fixed by the picnic table at our house since most places we would camp already come with a fire ring so we look forward to just having a little campfire at home in the evenings this summer.

Hope you all enjoy this lovely weather and have some Memorial weekend fun!!
Love ya-Chelle


  1. Natalie is so adorable....sorry to hear about Joe's bug. Enjoy the weekend and your campfire.
    Miss you friend!

  2. Love dweaming of happy things! your home sounds so lovely with a porch and a place to grill and have a fire and all! Miss you!