Sunday, January 11, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

For the most part this weekend has been a nice break coming off the crazy of the holidays and all. Friday night Chris worked night hours in Col. Bri had a friend over to stay all night and went to the Teen Night Out our church offers once a month to teens (Safe enviro. for games and then a devotions time). Bri's friend Dani went for the first time and another friend met them there. This left the little kids and I home alone for an evening of movies and sundaes. Sat. and Sun. Joseph has been miserable with a head cold. Chris took Bri to church this morning without the rest of us to stay home and doctor him and hope he feels better by tomorrow. Lots of laundry caught up and a little cleaning things are starting to feel more organized around here.

I wanted to share a funny story. We have been fielding the issue of the opposite sex with our children ever since we started public school. We knew this was a part of it and have prayed much for wisdom, understanding and Godly direction when speaking to them on any issue. We take each conversation very seriously and give it our immediate attention. So far I have felt pretty great about the way we have handled all instances. I'll admit however, that sometimes the men in our family have another way of dealing with these situations. There is a boy at school that "picks" on Bri. I say it that way because as she is telling us about him she acts upset all the while smiling at each little detail. Uh-huh, not so upset, if you catch my drift. That being said her brother isn't too kind about it. He overheard us in a conversation about this kid and in his John Wayne kinda slow smile he says to Bri, "well you tell that boy tomorrow at school that if he doesn't stop pickin on you that your brother is going to break his fingers". The baby is sitting on the floor sayin "you a good bruder Joe you a good bruder". Then he says, "you too Natalie, any boys messing with tell em that your big brother will cruuuussshhhh em." Brianna often tells us that she refers to her Daddy a lot when dealing with these boys. "My Dad is really protective over me, he wouldn't like hearing you talk to me like that," she'll say. One boy said, "I'm not afraid of your Dad". Chris says to her "You tell him to come ooon oover." Funny listening to him re-tell this stuff to his brothers over Christmas. Not to worry Chris is very serious at just the right moments. At all the moments he makes no mistake in letting them know he Loves them and he Will protect them. Between the Beck men and the protection of the good Lord above I feel pretty good about it.

Just wanted to share that. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Love Ya, Chelle.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No School Today!!!

School was cancelled today because of all the ice. Yayyyy! I am trying not to be sooo sooo happy about it because the reality of it is that when I have to rearrange jobs sometimes the customer will just cancel which is what happend today. I had a job cancel and I feel bad about it because I probably could have worked it out so that Chris was home part of the day and then go to work tonight, I did hate the thought of him out on the icy roads late. I also had to not make excuses and be very honest with Chris in explaining my feeling like I just wanted to be the one home with them . Choices made, I just love that I get to be home with them today.

I'm getting lots done too. It seemed over the holidays we were either on the run, exhausted or sick so things got piled up. I've already got three loads of laundry done and have started preparing meals ahead for the rest of our busy week. Brianna and I had a wonderful conversation about boys over breakfast this morning and the little kids are perfectly happy playing with their dolls and action figures. I also had a lovely conversation with a good friend and planned a girls overnight for Feb. at her home for our daughters and ourselves. We had great fun talking about homemade facials and all the fun we will have in store for the girls.
Thank you Lord for easing me into the new year. Thank you my sweet Christopher for loving me enough to give me grace and understanding even when it affects our bottom line.

Well, gotta go...I promised huge bubble baths to all the kids with the spa attachment for the tub.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Love-Chelle

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the Routine.

I don't like today. I drove my children all to school this morning. Now, here I sit, getting ready to do paperwork all day feeling really sorry for myself. My eyes and heart are full of tears thinking about my children in their classrooms going about their day and here I sit doing paperwork. Don't get me wrong the paperwork needs to get done, it's very important that it gets done and I am happy to do the work. It does not get done when they are home and I know that but still my heart is heavy. It is so quiet and I have grown to hate quiet, I feel so selfish for that because I know my good friends would love just one day of quiet and I have three this week to get through. I know this soon will pass it is just getting back into the routine of it all but again I don't like today. I keep thinking about the day the Jose and I spent three hours putting together a lego house and the night we all played Apples to Apples or all the conversations I got to have with them. They were so happy most of this time off and I really got to enjoy them but back to the routine.
I do hope all that are starting back to school today are having a great day and enjoying getting back to the routine more than I am.
Love to you all-Chelle

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our New Year's night was a bit blah. Chris had to work and didn't make it home until about 8:30. He would have been home sooner but somebody I guess puked all over a pew at church the night before and didn't tell anyone. Someone in the office found it yesterday and didn't know what to do so they called Chris and well what should have been home at about 6:30 took him out later. He didn't seem to mind though so I guess I shouldn't either but seriously I can't imagine puking all over and leaving it let alone not telling someone you were going to leave it. Oh well to each his own.

The kids and I made snacks and sat down to watch National Treasure 2. About 1/2 through Natalie and I decided to go to the bathroom to play beauty shop. She got a bath, I cut her hair and then painted her toes and fingers. I used to do this with Bri when she was this age too and I do love this time with them. She was funny pretending that I was the girl working on her at the beauty shop and she was talking about her kids and her job working at the pre-school at Tri-Village. I love hearing the stuff they come up with.

We put the kids to bed at about 9:30. I then attached this spa thing to the tub and decided to take my traditional New Year's bubble bath with candles lit and my ocean cd playing, very relaxing. The spa thing really agitated the bubbles and I ended up having huge amounts of bubbles, maybe the best bath I've ever had. Chris called me into the living room just as the ball was about to drop and we toasted to the New Year.

I then slid into bed on the nice clean sheets. I made everyone clean their rooms yesterday and washed everyones sheets so we could start the new year off clean. Slept good, not much else to tell about our exciting New Year's Eve.

Kids friends come to sleep over in a few hours. I am looking forward to them having this time with friends.

Hope you are all having a great Day.
Love, Chelle