Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Dreamed About Princesses

When Natalie woke yesterday morning, she quietly came down the stairs to find me on the sofa. She wrapped her little arms around me so tight and said "I dweamed about pwincesses wast night and it was so bewtiful". I scooped her up and gave her many kisses while looking into her big brown eyes that were just glowing and told her she was my little princess. Oh how I love this age with her, every moment seems so special.
It was Grandparent's Day at her pre-school and she was so excited. My mom came to get her at about 9:00 to take her to the school. I had to stay home with Joe who was up all night with a stomach flu. Chris' Dad, Stepmom and Mom were meeting them at the school at 9:30. They had a great morning of crafts and fun. Mom took us to get lunch to bring back home and we enjoyed visiting with her the afternoon on the front porch.
After I picked up Brianna from school I took her to meet my sister. They invited her to go camping with them for the Memorial weekend.
Chris is working today so the little kids are playing outside in their new pool and slip -n- slide while I'm cleaning the house and doing laundry.
We have been so busy, most of this weekend will be spent just catching up but it feels good to be home. We are going to make a campfire one night to roast hot dogs and smores. The bus came with a fire pit that we have fixed by the picnic table at our house since most places we would camp already come with a fire ring so we look forward to just having a little campfire at home in the evenings this summer.

Hope you all enjoy this lovely weather and have some Memorial weekend fun!!
Love ya-Chelle

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Poems by: Brianna Beck

I am caring and a servant of God.
I wonder how animals are built.
I hear a whistle.
I see a unicorn.
I am caring and a servant of God.
I pretend to be a vet.
I feel happy about unicorns.
I touch zebras.
I worry about when I die.
I cry when I think about my dogs, which had died a long time ago.
I am caring and a servant of God.
I understand that I can't own a zebra or a horse.
I say that I trust in God.
I dream about horses.
I try to take good care of animals.
I hope to become a vet someday.
I am caring and a servant of God.
Kind, horse rider, helpful and loving
Daughter of Chris and Michelle Beck
Lover of horses, friends and family
Who feels loved, happiness and energetic
Who feers spiders, sharks, and snakes
Who would like to meet Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Toby Mac
Resident of New Madison, on Preble Co. Butler TWNP Rd.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today Chris and I went to Wal-Mart to look at paint colors for the exterior of our house. I can't wait. Finally after four long years we are able to revive the look of our old place. Our house is over 100 years old and still has the old wood siding, not sure if it is original but it sure looks it. Painted I think it will look quaint and charming. Currently, the yellow paint is peeling and cracking and much of the largest side of the house is completely bare of any paint at all. Yes indeed it will do my heart good to pull up to a freshly painted house. We can't afford to put new siding on it and I kept thinking it was a waste of money to paint it but I just can't take it anymore. I'm sure that sounds so silly and maybe even selfish but I just need to like the way my house looks. Don't get me wrong every year I love where we live even more and so do our kids. But here I am with a former career in design and I can think of one million and one things each day that would make our old farmhouse look just darling until the reality of little money and often even less time creeps in. So excited to have one idea come into view. We are thinking burgundy house with white trim. We need something dark to cover all the crack and hole fills and areas where new windows have been put in but you can still see where the old 10'H windows were. I'll be sure to post before and after pictures so you can share in the experience with us.

Tomorrow I am heading to church for a Mother's day seminar called "Taking Care of your Mother's Heart". A heart surgeon is coming in to talk to us about heart health and then they are going to be talking about our spiritual hearts. After that we are off to my Mom's to celebrate with her.

Sunday I am actually going to be home for the first time ever on Mother's day. What a treat. After church the kids and I are planning to plant flower boxes and perhaps work on our garden.

Happy Mother's Day I hope you get to enjoy it because each one of you deserve it!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Silly Old Snake Hunter

I killed a snake on our property this week. Chris and I were taking our spring tour of the place with the kids looking at all the beautiful flowers God has sent. Joseph and Natalie were playing in an area where there are trees and a little brush. Jose starts running yelling " Run Natalie, SNAKE, SNAKE"! Chris is deathly afraid of them so I asked him to go get a shovel. I told Joseph to show me where he saw it. I was stepping around, not seeing anything, then I looked down at my feet and noticed a hold close to my foot and realized I might be standing on the nest. Sure enough a few seconds later I saw a brown snake standing up at me with it's red tough going nuts. I jumped off the nest and got to Chris with the shovel. I started chasing after it and caught it with the edge of the shovel enough to get in there to finish the job. I've never seen any this long here before, it was about 3' by the time it all came out of that hole. Par for course of where we live but the funny thing is, I pulled a muscle in my arm killing it and I'm still taking ibuprofen. Guess I'm a silly old snake hunter or perhaps one that is just really out of shape.

Last night Chris was in Col. working so the kids and I finished up most of the spring cleaning I wanted to get done this week. After supper we got out all of the camping books we got from the library. We had so much fun. We are planning lots of different games, crafts, cooking over the fire, hiking with the purpose of teaching how to leave a trail to find your way back and recognizing animal foot prints and dare I say "scat trails". Yes they are fascinated by the pictures of the different scat which is a nice way of saying poop in the books. They want me to be sure to print off the poop pictures of different animals so they can recognize it on the trails. Funny the things kids get interested in. Anyway we had a great time planning all of the fun. We are all so excited for our first official "School's Out" camp trip in the bus. Perhaps a new tradition for the Beck family. I'm going to go to Richmond this week to see about finding some fabric to make new curtains for the "Big Red Bus". Can't wait for all the fun.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!!