Sunday, May 10, 2009

Poems by: Brianna Beck

I am caring and a servant of God.
I wonder how animals are built.
I hear a whistle.
I see a unicorn.
I am caring and a servant of God.
I pretend to be a vet.
I feel happy about unicorns.
I touch zebras.
I worry about when I die.
I cry when I think about my dogs, which had died a long time ago.
I am caring and a servant of God.
I understand that I can't own a zebra or a horse.
I say that I trust in God.
I dream about horses.
I try to take good care of animals.
I hope to become a vet someday.
I am caring and a servant of God.
Kind, horse rider, helpful and loving
Daughter of Chris and Michelle Beck
Lover of horses, friends and family
Who feels loved, happiness and energetic
Who feers spiders, sharks, and snakes
Who would like to meet Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Toby Mac
Resident of New Madison, on Preble Co. Butler TWNP Rd.


  1. Love it! I am guessing she wrote these for school but I loved writing for the fun of it when I was her age. Keep it up Brianna! Love, M

  2. Great job Brianna! Love that she writes so beautifully! And her passion for the Lord shows through!