Monday, June 29, 2009

Beautiful Day

The weather here was absolutely gorgeous today!!! Sunny 79 and very low humidity, my favorite.
I got up at 6:30, took a shower, made some coffee and dove into the book of Samuel 1. I have never read this book in the Bible and so far I find it very interesting. I thought long about the part where Samuel hears the Lord call his name but thinks it is Eli. Eli then instructs Samuel that it is the Lord calling and listen to what he has to say. I know there are times I hear him call my name but answer to something else before Him. I need reminded that I should listen to Him first in all things. Thank you Lord for speaking to me please give me ears to hear you and follow your ways before my own.
I went off with my day remembering the sweetness of the weekend. Thursday was our 15th wedding anniversary. I was a little hurt that the festivities for such an occasion amounted to a card and a romantic evening cd from the dollar tree but I got over it. I think I did, what can I tell you girls, my man is not a romantic fan. Friday night Chris took the kids to the Father-Kids camp-out with our church. The kids had a blast with Dad while I went to a quaint little town called Tipp City with friends for supper and a stroll through a lovely antique shop. Saturday we caught up on chores then Chris and I went out with friends for supper. Chris' buddy was in from Utah so we always make time to go out with him and his parents to catch up. We had a great time as we always do with them, lots of laughs, lots of hugs, lots of remembering the old days when we were teens.
Sunday brought rest which was much needed.
Ohioans enjoy the temperature this week, hope it stays like this for the 4th. Not sure what it is like in Arkansas M but I hope you are getting the same wave, I know you like the mild but sunny too. Love you both!! Chelle

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  1. Well, I am sorely disappointed in that 15th anniversary. But, apparently by the time we are married that long we are supposed to be adjusted to that reality! It is rather unfortunate that we are just as poor at 15 years as we were as newlyweds...haha. Some day we will have the money and time to really live it up right? hmmm..

    As for AR weather...HOT...make that stinkin blinkin HOT! But, on a good day it is just stinkin blinkin hot and not humid to boot. Glad it is nice for you! Love you friend...M.