Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Strange Weekend

Our weekend started off with lots of fun. Friday we finished up VBS and took my nieces to the pool for the afternoon. Saturday was a birthday pool party for my niece Kelsy who just turned 10. It was a great day, our family had so much fun. We put water wings on Natty and she was swimming like a fish to my mom for about 10' lengths at a time. My Dad even came to the party and we enjoyed some of his old Navy stories. Chris and I soaked up the family fun, we laughed much and were sad to see the party end.
Just after we had gotten home, everyone showered and into beds the phone rang. A good friend from church calling to let me know that a close family member had committed suicide hours earlier. She called me hoping I could direct her as to who could do the clean up. I am not going to go into details except to say a gun was used and you can imagine the rest. This is a very private matter but I wanted to ask for prayer for Chris. You see I did just what she asked I instructed her as to who to call. I got off the phone and told Chris all about it and began praying for them. Chris said to me "Call her back and tell her because it is her family I'll do the clean-up". When we were first married Chris worked for a cleaning co. that did this kind of work so I knew he was trained and he is very careful about regulations but the heart of the matter was that I really didn't want him to go. I asked many times "are you sure" before I called her back. He seemed to feel better knowing he could to this to help the situation and thought that at least the details of the matter would be contained instead of a co. not knowing the family doing then perhaps sharing what they had seen not to mention the cost they would be charged for such a job. No there was no changing his mind. My heart flew into panic a bit after calling my friend to tell her Chris would do it. I was thinking of his mind and how he could never erase it. I was in awe of the grace my husband could bestowe upon another and a part of me felt like he was some kind of super hero. No I would depend on the Lord for this and peacefully let him carry out what the Lord had so apparently asked him to do. I prayed, I prayed a lot. Finally, yesterday as he was pulling out of the drive I felt God's hands over the situation and peace came to me. He came home and seemed ok. He shared some unexpected details but for the most part he said it wasn't so bad and he was glad he could do this for my friend. My husband the "solid rock". God knew he could handle it even though it frightened me to my core. Please be in prayer that the details of this fade and God keep him strong over the situation. Please be in prayer for this family who lost this Christian man who was a husband, father, grandfather and brother.

Love to you all.

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  1. Chelle...it would have never occurred to me that, of course, someone had to do that type of clean up. How awful...and yes, how wonderful of Chris to do it. Thanks for sharing...M.