Friday, April 3, 2009

The Way to Heaven

Natalie has been home from school all week with an upper respiratory virus. Chris took her to the doctor yesterday and they said it would pass in a few days. Her poor little cough has been relentless and many sleepless nights for all of us.

On Wed. evening I dropped Bri and Joe off at church and came back home with Nat since Chris is always in Col. on that night. Bri was to help my friend with the pre-schoolers and practice singing her part for Easter. Joseph loves going to his class and has been learning so much lately.
My friend called me yesterday to let me know how great they did without me there. Music to a mother's ears. She said, " if my kids were that good I'd want someone to tell me." She went on to say they were servants of the church. Bri was patient and good with the children and did everything asked of her. She said instead of playing when it was over Joe came to her and said, "Miss Robin I will sweep this whole floor for you if you would just put up the chairs." She said she so delighted with them and wanted to let me know how great they were. I hope it is ok I am bragging on them, it made my heart sing.

When they got home Wed. night, Joseph was all about telling me what he had learned in his class. Little sister who is going through quite a rebellious phase was listening in. Natalie says to me, "Mama I don't believe in your Jesus." (Joe went through a short phase like this at her age too, I panicked then but have not with her.) Anyway, Joseph gets very agitated when she hears her talk like this. All of the sudden her blurts out to her, "Well Natalie if you want to go to heaven you have to believe in Jesus. Mom and Dad will be in heaven , Brianna and I will be in heaven and where will you be? Jesus died on the cross for our sins so when we die we can go to heaven and be with God and if you don't believe in Jesus then you don't get to go!!" This was not said gently but rather abrupt, so quickly Natalie burst into tears. I comforted her but then confirmed all her brother had said. So black and white in his little mind, I do so hope it stays that way for him. Grown-ups tend to muddy the waters a bit. It was desperation I heard in his little voice for her to believe what he was saying, he loves her so much. It made me think of God and how he must feel each time we turn away from Him. Desperate for us to come back so we can be with Him.

I just wanted to share that.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


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  1. I have tears in my eyes just reading what Joe was saying to his sister....such love and compassion and leaving her no wiggle believe or you don't and we MUST believe! Good to hear from you....will be praying that Nat feels better and you all get some needed rest. Saw Chris at the library Wed.~ that was a surprise ~ I told him that I was glad to see him, but I wished it were you instead of him!