Monday, March 30, 2009

28 Lights on the Church Ceiling

Castine Church of the Brethren has 28 lights on the ceiling in the sanctuary. At least this is what Joseph told me Sunday as he was squirming in his seat since Kids Worship was cancelled. Every few minutes he would tug on my dress in a whisper "Mom there are 28 lights on the ceiling" then another tug and "Mom I have 10 bumps on the bottom of my shoe". SSSSHH Others around us thought it was a hoot. I miss Chris in church. He has been in Col. every weekend for a month. I miss the order he seems to bring to the children. Joseph is the quiet one. At one point he tugged on my dress while we were all singing to show me that little sister was jumping across chairs like they were stones on the creek. Uhhgg. Ready for children's church I was.

This weekend Chris will wrap up this blessing of a job that he has been working on since the middle of Feb. in Col. We love the income from the job and praise God for it but it will be nice to have him home again on the weekends and get back to a more regular routine. Business around our home town is good too. Things are really picking up and people seem to notice our name more around town. Word of mouth recognition seems to be the key here.

We are ready for Easter. We baked some Easter cookies last weekend. This weekend is our church Easter Egg hunt and the kids are beyond excited for that. They jump up and down each time it is mentioned. Natalie is playing with 7 other kids in a bell choir for the Sunrise Service and Brianna is singing Jesus Loves Me by herself. It is my favorite holiday. So much less chaos and so much more peace I feel. I love sitting in church as the sun begins to shine and imagining the surprise that was. I can't wait.

This evening I took Bri to get her hair cut, then on to Penny's to find her something new to wear for Easter. She would come out of the dressing room to show me and all of the sudden I could see her as a woman. She's just so beautiful. She was wearing a white capri suit and she just looked like she could set the world on fire with the smile she had on her face. I am so blessed to be her mother.
Speaking of beautiful, I love the way Natty says it right now. When she says that word, the way she says it, it just sounds like a song. I ask her to say it sometimes, so she can put a smile on my heart.

Drippy, I know.

Hope all is well with everyone.

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