Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Update

This week I only had one cleaning job scheduled which was yesterday and I don't have another scheduled until next Tues. soooo, I am taking this week to get everything spring cleaned and in order around here. I am excited. I started Monday cleaning out the laundry room. I like getting paid to do others but I love it when it is my house getting cleaned.

Soccer has started for Joseph so we have been enjoying getting to the field practices and games.

Brianna had her last choir concert on Monday but will go to a choir contest in a couple of weeks. We have been taking a look at what she will take next year as a freshman. She signed up to take FFA (Future Farmers of America). She is very interested in becoming a veterinarian and was interested in getting more experience being around and learning about livestock. She's also decided to play high school soccer in addition to her choir stuff so we should be very busy next fall.

Chris and I took Natalie to a wedding reception last Saturday. The entire night she just wanted to dance with her DaDa as she affectionately calls him. He held her while they danced and those big brown eyes were fixed on his. She is a big Daddy's girl.

We are taking the kids camping in the big red bus for five days the first week they are out of school. They have been looking forward to that all year long. I have reserved some fun books from the library about camping games, crafts, songs and campfire food for kids. I want to make is the best camp trip ever for them. They have had a long year and they deserve it, can't wait!!

Hope you are all having a good week!!
Love, Chelle

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  1. So glad to hear from you and an update about what you all are doing. Sounds like you are staying busy with sports, activites and cleaning.
    Your camping trip sounds fun...please post pics of you all in the "BIG RED BUS" I guess that's better that the "Big Rolling Turd"
    Love ya,