Friday, February 20, 2009

We Miss Daddy!

Chris comes home tomorrow morning....Yay!!!!

He has been working on a job in Col. since Tues. morning. I can't remember the last time I have been away from him for four days and I hope it doesn't come again anytime soon.
I miss the essence of him. He protects us and takes care of us just the way the Lord intended and I can't wait for him to be home, safe. My heart is always a little uneasy when he works to the wee hours of the morn with nobody around on Col. east side. I so appreciate you honey. I miss him settling many of the weekly challenges between me and the teenager, he's the buffer and ultimately the one who lays down the law in a way that she chooses not to challenge, he keeps me sane in this area. He loves us up daily, and we are starving for it now. Oh yes in the 4 degree weather he has all the tricks to keeping the wood furnace working just right that it is 70 or above and I can't seem to get it above 66, so I miss his warmth literally. That is just the tip of the iceberg on all that he does around here, mostly I just want his strong arms around me hugging me.
I have battled bronchitis all week, and it is finally starting to go away but was a lot to handle being the only one here with the kids. I had to be careful of the med. prescribed because of how tired it made me. One day I had gone to pick up Natty from school and fell asleep in the car waiting for her teacher to bring them out like she always does. I looked up and there she is taking Natalie back into the school because she thought I was late. I jumped out of the car parked 10 feet away from them and ran to the door, explained and swiftly collected my embarrassing.
I did manage to do some good business this week and the kids and I have had good days for the most part.
But tomorrow he comes home and I am soooooo thankful.

Hope everyone had a great week!!
Love, Chelle


  1. Sorry...but the picture of you sleeping in your car makes me laugh! Could have been worse...she could have seen you sleeping there and knocked on the window and found you drooling! :D Sorry you have been sick! I bet you were missing your man...glad he is home now. Love you friend. Miss you.

  2. That's sleeping in the car. I agree with Melissa, the drool thing would have been worse. I have been so busy that I am just now checking your blog. I'm sure you are feeling better by now and Chris has been home now for sometime so all of that is better as well. Hard to be without your man...glad things are back to normal! Love you, Stace