Friday, February 13, 2009

Mall of America and Monkey in the Middle

Today was an awesome day here. Sunny and fairly warm.
I helped out in Natalie's class for her Valentine Party. Her teacher was sharing the meaning of Valentine's Day of being a way to show God's love to everyone. It was fantastic listening to the preschoolers respond to her and how they turned it into prayers at prayer time.

Just before the kids got to share their Valentines they got to participate in a wonderful lesson with the rest of the school. The fifth graders have been hard at work learning about our fifty states, what makes each state unique in the sense of area, terrain, commerce, and tradition, etc.. Each team of kids were assigned a state with its own table. They made posterboards and descriptors about the state, each was also to come up with a way to make money at their state station. Put it all together in the cafeteria and it made the "Mall of America" where each student was given "$10" to spend any way they wanted. At the end of the lesson they will see which state made the most money. A great stimulus package if you ask me. I had a group of four 4 year old girls to take through the "Mall". Interestingly enough they had their nails painted in New York, their faces painted in Maryland and slushies in New Hampshire and they spent every last dime like any good woman in the mall would do. Great time spent with Natalie and her friends.

Two nights ago I just could not calm my children down from bickering with one another. I began to explain to them that family was kind of like glue, can be sticky and fun, sometimes messy, but in the end they always stick together and I said to them that is exactly what you three need to do stick together instead of picking each other apart. Jose with his little grin says "if us three stick together then I guess that makes me the monkey in the middle". Where does he come up with this stuff. I was explaining the practice of Lent to him tonight and he let me know very seriously that he had decided to give up handwriting for Lent and I had better let his teacher know because he wouldn't be allowed to write there either. We must follow the rules you know him being such a man after the Lord. I had to laugh because my son would do just about anything to get out of schoolwork. I had no idea to what level this was true.

Bri and I took in a Jr.High boys basketball game last night. Our team the Tri-Village Patriots was playing Arcanum which is where a lot of Bri's friends from church attend. It was a really good game. It was fun, ultimately we wanted our team to win which we did 46 to 27 but we also wanted to cheer for some of the kids on the other team and we did no matter who was watching. It was great to spend that time with just Bri. She is growing up so fast and I cherish those moments between us when their is no challenge to be met and can just pal with her. I know my years with her as a child are very numbered four to be exact and my heart grows weary of it so I know I must make the most of this time which can be difficult because this age brings many challenges.
Daddy is out of town until tomorrow, Bri is at a church overnight until tomorrow evening so the little ones and I have a date of going to a movie and McDonalds, I can't wait.

Hope all is well with everyone. Love, Chelle

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  1. Sounds like alot of fun at the Becks. Joe is so cute...what he comes up with!