Saturday, February 7, 2009

Busy Weekend.

We had a great time with Papaw and Memaw last night. They are heading back to Florida for an entire month so we had them over for a proper send off. We made them a nice dinner in the new old dining room and had a great time serving them on our pretty china dishes. The kids and I enjoyed making a big deal for them, they do so much for us. The kids all made homemade Valentines and had put them on their plates before supper.

After supper the children put on a show. Joe had some cool dance moves to show off and a new little song to share he made up called "Follow the Light". Natalie also had a new song to sing about the snow. Brianna delighted all of us with her beautiful voice singing some of the songs she has been practicing for her upcoming choir show "Disney Magic".

Later we played the Apples to Apples game and laughed really hard. A nice evening with those we love so much. We'll miss you Memaw and Papaw.

Today has been a day of running around. Bri had to be at church at 9:00 to decorate and prepare food for the youth fundraiser Valentine Dance being held tomorrow night. I ran errands: bank, groc. etc. until she was ready to be picked up. As soon as I got home at 1:00 Chris left for work and should be home sometime early eve. I'll be glad when he gets home, I miss him today. I haven't felt like doing anything I should be doing today so I guess talking to him would just make me feel better.

Tomorrow evening is the Valentine Dance. The little kids are headed to my sister for some horse back riding while Chris wisks me away to another world of romance. I am very excited and the kids will have fun too.

Hope all is well with your families! Love, Chelle

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  1. Good to hear from you...miss you friend. Glad you were able to see Memaw and Papaw. Happy Valentines Day...We love you