Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Update.

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. It seems someone has been sick in our home every week for the past month. Between that and all of the bad weather and re-arranging schedules to meet the kids needs with days off for snow days I just haven't taken the time.

We have been dealing with the sicks, stuffy heads, coughs sore throats. Three weeks ago I thought that I had just gotten the same of what everyone else had and was taking over the counter stuff for a week, extremely exhausted, a sore throat like swallowing broken glass. Finally when I woke up one morning with my jaw swollen shut from infection and in so much pain I just cried and cried. I went to the doctor to find I had strep throat and I had let it go so long that it was in my lymph nodes. They shot a nice sized vial of antibiotics in my hip and gave me a 10-day prescription. I spent the following week getting over that. Last week Chris was down with Bronchitis and Joseph was out with an ear infection. We didn't wait to go to the doctor, learning from my experience and they both were put on antibiotics. Today Natty is home with a nasty cough that popped up over the weekend.
Oh, I pray and pray that my home be sick free, it is getting very frustrating. I pray, I clean, I spray lysol, I administer vitamins each day and still we are sick. Ugh. I am very sick of winter and we still have two months to go.

My husband is wonderful, he is steadfast with his help. He does whatever needs to be done to help out, runs kids who are well to school and home, washes floors, gives meds, washes sheets, whatever needs done he does with no complaining. We are both trying to stay in good spirits with our business. Jan. is always the slowest month of the year for us and because of the weather many of our regular jobs were cancelled leaving us with less than a string budget to work with this month. We continue faithful giving and somehow the bills get paid. We keep our hearts facing forward and our preparation to spring when our business really
bounces back. Chris was quoting Joel Osteen to me this morning, he watched his program last night after I went to bed. God was speaking to him through that program and I was so happy to hear the hope in his voice for both of us. I didn't realize until my husband gently showed me that my negative attitude towards the bus. at times really is not Godly and then gave me a new outlook on the situation. I sure needed that kick in the pants again gentle but needed.

We were very blessed to get to go on two dates this past weekend. Chris' Dad and stepmom wanted to have the kids overnight Fri. since they will be going back to Florida soon until the middle of March. How nice it was to have a break and get refreshed and recharged. We went to a Dayton Bombers hockey game with a group from church. Our friends have a nephew that plays for them and was able to get everyone tickets for $6. What a deal. It was a lot of fun and we laughed much. On Sat. we both slept in for a change. The kids were not due back until early evening so we went to Richmond, IN. to catch the matinee at the $1 movie. We finally got to see Fireproof. What a great movie. I left feeling so thankful for my marriage, and thankful for how God has brought us through the fires over the years. It reminded me of how important it is to honor my husband with all I say and do. Our married couples Sunday school class is now on this Fireproof series. I wish I would be able to finish it with Chris. I got to sit in on the first session and it was so good but it is now my month to teach Sunday school to the four year olds so I will miss the rest of it. I have decided that I will not teach next year and give my attention to my husband and growing our marriage through Sunday school together. This has been a very hard and prayerful decision for me. I really enjoy teaching and very much enjoy the children this age. This is my second year doing it and have come to know so many kids and their families because of it. I want to do my part, our children all take advantage of the programs at our church and I know those programs have to have volunteers to exist so that is why I feel a little selfish. I will continue to serve as a teacher for pre-school on Wed. nights and continue to serve with VBS. I am starting to feel peace over it. I feel God asking me to work on a new Mom's ministry idea but more on that when I see what he wants me to do with the idea. I want to know what it is like to be with Chris every Sunday learning about the Lord together in a class setting and not just during service. I love the conversations we have and the way we connect after the classes. It lasts in my mind all week long and I just want to know what that feels like every week because I miss it so much the months I teach. That does sound so selfish when I read my words that way.

Well I better go, I have some laundry to do and supper to start.

I hope all is well with everyone. I pray for safety on the roads and good health to all and I pray Melissa has that baby soon. Love ya sister.
Love to all of you, Chelle

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  1. Sorry to hear you all have been so sick! I pray that you are well the rest of the winter. Love that Chris is watching Joel O and encouraging you to keep your faith up! Go Chris!'s not selfish to take time off from other ministries to feed your spirit and relationships. It
    keeps you from getting burned out, your heart & sprit stay fresh & renenwed. Sounds like you are serving in other areas. Good to hear from you,
    Love you,