Thursday, June 9, 2011

Family Update

Ok so I guess it has been a year since I blogged. I will update the major happenings so my children will have a diary accountance of this crazy year then hopefully I will post more this summer. Each of our children are growing at what feels like lightning speed. All three so different and all three so similar.

Bri has worked hard her sophmore year of high school. She applied to Miami Valley Career and Technology Center just before Christmas. She applied to their Ag program for her junior year hoping to be accepted into their Vet program for her senior year. This is a great school for kids who are really interested in learning in a specific field. This program has a major science emphasis which has been her life long interest. I remember at first homeschooling her heading to the library each week to pursue more books on whatever we were learning in science because I knew the school books just wouldn't be enough, she always had so many questions and needed so much more information and was always so facsinated by animal science. I remember taking her to the Aquarium in Newport in first grade and looking at the sharks. She said "wow take at look at the dorsal fins on that shark". God must have bent her toward animals cause I have many other stories similar to that one. She has been active in a dog 4-H club this year and likes it very much. Only two more years til she will make her own way in this world.

Joseph has grown leaps and bounds this year. He really enjoyed second grade. He too has a great interest in science. He seems to be more interested in the earth and mechanical science side of things. He did a very interesting report on Neil Armstrong this year. I am not sure I have ever seen him so excited about school before. He dressed up like Armstrong on the day of his presentation and looked just like a little astronaut. Funny he is always saying he will be a mechanic someday and with all his interest in flight I said to him "Joe.. maybe you will be a mechanic for airlines" he said "or maybe I will be the first man to walk on Mars". Way to go Jose, set your sights high so others can see how Great God is to work such things in our lives. I remember my friend Melissa who is an experienced mother of boys saying that boys hit an age and then they just want to be with Daddy. This was that year with Joseph. He has become quite the man's man. He loves to work outside with his hands and loves to do anything along side his Dad.

Natalie is still our little princess. She graduated from kindergarten this year and loves being considered and official "big kid" now. She did so very well and seemed to excel at anything she did in school. She loves to read and is a very good reader for her age. Natalie is my little home maker. She loves to do anything in the home. She is a big helper with clean-up and really enjoys baking and cooking. This summer we are going to work on some sewing projects. She loves to pretend to be a mommy but if you ask her how many children she has and what their names are she will surprise you. She is not like many little girls who maybe have a baby doll or two she will tell you "well I have eight kids, my oldest is in college for a nurse and this is the baby". She will then proceed to rattle off all eight of their pretend names and seems to know the personality of each make believe child. I pretended as the Grandma to take all eight make believe grandkids to get ice-cream and she said to me "what did you feed the baby?" I said that I had given her a little vanilla ice-cream in a cup and she said "that's good mom that's just what I would do". I thought it was funny.

In October of 2010 my Dad had a stroke. It was a terribly hard time for all of us. My schedule with school was already a bit difficult on the kids then adding the stress of Dad being in the hospital and then the stress of renovating a room and bathroom so we could take care of him, then the stress of taking care of him really pushed our family to the limits of which I hope to never go again. I spent months without giving my family the attention they needed. Chris spent months on his own trying to make sure our business didn't drown and trying to pick up and fill in where the children needed. We are a stronger family in some ways and weaker in others. Either way we are on the road of repair. Dad is home now and I have great hope that he will make it through. He continues to make life choices for himself that do not produce the best of results so I continue to pray he go to Jesus to work it out.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Chris is giving me the summer to get our home back in shape which includes the children. We see lots of pool days and summer fun in our future. I am helping get the office back to sanity and the house organized while playing with the kids and filling up days with fun. We hired a lady to help Chris over the winter and she is working out well so he doesn't need me to help with the cleaning as much. Bri gets some hours in too to help build her savings account until she starts her new job at Downing Fruit Farm this summer.
I am enjoying doing what I do best which being the best Mom I can be. I register for my Fall nursing classes next week and if all goes well looks like I will be able to be home before the kids get home from school three days and will be home before supper the other two. Yay.

Off to the pool we go, today is the first day it is open so we don't want to miss it!!

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