Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brianna's First Day of Work

Today our Brianna went off to work at Downing Fruit Farm. We are so proud of her. I have heard her talk to Mr. Downing and she is so professional and grown up in the way she handles herself. This is her first real job. She will be working in the sales room, answering the sales phone, helping customers and grading fruit as it comes in. I assume she will also be picking when they need extra help with that too.
She has worked with Chris for the past few years whenever he needed her but this is so different. Daddy is just Daddy and this more responsibility that Daddy can't save if a mistake is made. My heart fluttered a little as she shut the door to the car and I heard her tell the farm manager "I am supposed to start work today, my name is Brianna". I cried all the way home.
I am so aware that she only has two more years at home before she is off to college and begins her own life apart from us. I was so excited for her to get a job because well lets face it teenagers...especially older ones can be a challenge. I thought perhaps a new job would ease some the challenge as she has something new to focus on. I praise the Lord for giving us such a wonderful daughter and pray she go to the Him for guidance in the choices she makes.
Way to go Brianna on your first job!! We are so proud of our girl!!!

Your Mamma

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