Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joseph in "Awe" of his Family

This warmed my heart so, I had to share it.
We were in full swing of our Tues. after school routine. Me making supper, Bri in her room doing homework, Natty sitting on the deep freeze coloring and Joe who had just finished his homework had moved on to working on his Mapbook. Our church has a Wed. night program we are involved in called "Hand - In - Hand". Supper at the church at 6:00 then at 6:45 kids and adults go to their age appropriate Bible Study classes. The older kids such in Joe's class bring home a paper or worksheet "Mapbook" to work on through the week then they take it back the following week and whoever brings it back gets candy. You can imagine our 7yr. old son is all over this. He gets
CANDY right!!!
Anyway we were going through the point which was how big God is and how Him being so big loves little old you. They were talking about galaxies, the sun, the moon and the earth, how God created this in all His glory and that same God loves Joseph. The next part of the book says to draw something you are just in Awe of and think about the fact that the God that made that thing you think is soooo Awesome loves Joseph. He began drawing and as I looked over I was surprised he had drawn our family.Jose, "I think you are supposed to draw something like the sun or you know something big." He says, "no Mom it says to draw something you think is awesome and I think our family is really awesome and I think how much I love you and Daddy and Sissy and Natty I think no way God could love me more than that but he just does."

How blessed am I to have such a family as this, with such awesome kids and such an awesome husband.

Hope you are both having a great week.
Love, Chelle

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  1. You do have an awesome family and are doing so awesomely with showing them God. Love you friend!