Monday, October 5, 2009

This week is crazy with one kid at the hospital today getting a knee x-ray, five soccer games between two kids, soccer practice, church hand-in-hand Wed. night, a field trip Fri. for Natty and a big Tinkerbell Tea Party birthday for Natty on Sunday afternoon, oh yes and if we can make it a Pumpkin Show parade with Papaw on Sat. evening. What you may ask would keep a mother sane trying to keep up with all of this and work......prayer, prayer, prayer. I find myself in such a minute by minute relationship with the Lord. I need it, He requires it, and with Him it all gets done and Mom is at peace. Chris downloaded the Bible on my MP3 and I have been listening to it each day that I work. I love it. His word is in my ears, my mind and my heart continually and it has been such joy. One would think you could not listen to thine word for thou might think thee would get somewhat tired from 6 hours of thine and thou but I find at the end of the day I'm trying to find a good place to stop as not to miss anything. I pray on each day asking Him to open my heart to what He would have me learn. Such a submission has spilled over to the rest of my day. I find myself praying continually each time an issue comes to my mind I ask His guidance, His blessing, His wisdom, His peace and it comes. With prayer Bri's knee is a minor swollen tendon, I find joy in watching my children play their hearts out at soccer, my heart warms over a child thanking me for teaching her about Jesus, I feel honored that I am a Mother who gets to take the time to go on the field trip, I look forward to the delight in my 5 yr. olds face as she serves all of her friends even though she is the guest of honor, my heart sings as my son explains how he prays at school at lunchtime even though nobody else does and with prayer, I feel the blessing of a husband who goes out of his way to make my life easier in any way he can and never complains about the many hours he puts in to keep our family going and loves me even when I'm not lovable and with prayer I can feel the treasure of having our parents and siblings close enough to share it all. Like a bruised, bumpy peach is such that makes the sweetest jam. That is what I am or maybe I'm still just in the processor, either way it is sweet with the Lord as the maker.

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  1. Such a beautiful post. And such a beautiful reminder of how hiding God's Word in our hearts really does change us. I needed that reminder. Thanks friend! ~M.