Monday, September 7, 2009

Aaaah Fall

There is a crisp in the air in the evening and it is beginning to feel like Fall. I love Fall. I love the falling leaves with so many warm colors. I love the smell of burning wood and the apple, cinnamon that fills the air at our house with all the goodies we seem to have to make when the air is cool again. I enjoy the routine of school and the ball games. The pumpkins, hay rides and all the other glorious changes the world makes to prepare for winter. I enjoy the changing of the seasons. I suppose if I lived in a climate where the weather was somewhat the same all year long I would appreciate it too, not having the yuck in the winter would be at the top of my list but for now I am going to enjoy it. We are home this weekend for the first time in I think Chris and I counted 6 weeks. I cleaned the house, got mostly caught up on laundry, painted on the house some more, mowed some of the grass and have loved every minute of it. Everything beginning to go back into order after the craze that August brought.
Brianna and Joseph started school last week and Natalie will begin on Wed. The two older ones are riding the bus this year. It is about a ten minute ride for them each way. Joseph loved it and Brianna could leave it but it is working out for our family as a whole. Natalie won't ride until next year but she can't wait. I was not quite ready for them to go back, I cried like a baby the first day of school but they both had a great first week.
Brianna really likes her classes in high school. There are a variety of different classes and it has mixed the kids up more which has been a great benefit to her. She doesn't have many classes with those two that really bullied her last year. She is also playing soccer for the Tri-Village varsity team. I have to give her credit she is 1 of 4 girls on the team and she still shows up and gives it her all. This is a great team of kids with a real positive outlook that begins with the coach on down. It has been a great experience for her and has given her sort of a new place at school to fit in. Joseph is enjoying his new first grade class. He likes his teacher and is getting all kinds of prizes for doing a great job. He will start soccer in a few weeks as well. Natalie has had a great time this last week spending time with grandparents who are taking turns watching her while we are at work and spending some extra time with us on the days we are home. I can't believe next year she will be in Kindergarten and my baby will no longer be a baby. I will be volunteering at pre-school and soaking up every last minute I can with her this year.
Chris and I are busy with our business. It is a struggle each week to keep our lives in a balance. Our business is growing but so far we have been able to take care of all of it between the two of us. Some weeks it is very difficult and some weeks it is a breeze just like everybody else.
Hope you all are enjoying your Labor Day weekend as much as we are.
Love you!!

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