Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Picture Post

Joseph and Natalie enjoying a day of slip and slide in the front yard.

Natalie getting ready for her date with Daddy.

Children's Museum in Indianapolis.

Camp-out, roasting marshmallows.

The beach at Hueston Woods State Park.

Chris and Bri getting ready for their mountain biking experience.

Joe's Kindergarten Graduation

1 comment:

  1. Chelle, I am SO laughing because your pic comments don't line up with your pics and I am looking at the pic of what is supposedly "Chris and Bri getting ready for their mountain biking trip" and it is Bri behind a counter with some...ahem..guy who is CLEARLY NOT Chris. But, I click on the pic to blow it up and I am thinking, "Man, if that is Chris, he has sure let himself go!" HAHA! But then I realized the comments were messed up! Glad to see Chris is still his handsome self...graying hair and all! Your girls are GORGEOUS and Jose is so handsome. Love and miss you guys! M.