Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No School Today!!!

School was cancelled today because of all the ice. Yayyyy! I am trying not to be sooo sooo happy about it because the reality of it is that when I have to rearrange jobs sometimes the customer will just cancel which is what happend today. I had a job cancel and I feel bad about it because I probably could have worked it out so that Chris was home part of the day and then go to work tonight, I did hate the thought of him out on the icy roads late. I also had to not make excuses and be very honest with Chris in explaining my feeling like I just wanted to be the one home with them . Choices made, I just love that I get to be home with them today.

I'm getting lots done too. It seemed over the holidays we were either on the run, exhausted or sick so things got piled up. I've already got three loads of laundry done and have started preparing meals ahead for the rest of our busy week. Brianna and I had a wonderful conversation about boys over breakfast this morning and the little kids are perfectly happy playing with their dolls and action figures. I also had a lovely conversation with a good friend and planned a girls overnight for Feb. at her home for our daughters and ourselves. We had great fun talking about homemade facials and all the fun we will have in store for the girls.
Thank you Lord for easing me into the new year. Thank you my sweet Christopher for loving me enough to give me grace and understanding even when it affects our bottom line.

Well, gotta go...I promised huge bubble baths to all the kids with the spa attachment for the tub.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Love-Chelle


  1. Another day with the kids...not many people feel it a priveledge to spend time with "the kids"! I can't imagine having "boy conversations with my girls...I'll be calling you.
    Stay safe in all this ice!

  2. Well...I love your NewYyear's night with the beauty parlor. Cutting my little boys' hair involves tears and snot and lots of hair in their mouths because they won't stop crying...not exactly a beauty parlor moment! :D And,I love that you love being with your kids...I think I would feel exactly as you do if I was given the opportunity to miss them :). On Fridays when the three oldest leave I do miss them. Glad you enjoyed your day off and sorry it is so hard to say goodbye to them! Love you! M.