Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our New Year's night was a bit blah. Chris had to work and didn't make it home until about 8:30. He would have been home sooner but somebody I guess puked all over a pew at church the night before and didn't tell anyone. Someone in the office found it yesterday and didn't know what to do so they called Chris and well what should have been home at about 6:30 took him out later. He didn't seem to mind though so I guess I shouldn't either but seriously I can't imagine puking all over and leaving it let alone not telling someone you were going to leave it. Oh well to each his own.

The kids and I made snacks and sat down to watch National Treasure 2. About 1/2 through Natalie and I decided to go to the bathroom to play beauty shop. She got a bath, I cut her hair and then painted her toes and fingers. I used to do this with Bri when she was this age too and I do love this time with them. She was funny pretending that I was the girl working on her at the beauty shop and she was talking about her kids and her job working at the pre-school at Tri-Village. I love hearing the stuff they come up with.

We put the kids to bed at about 9:30. I then attached this spa thing to the tub and decided to take my traditional New Year's bubble bath with candles lit and my ocean cd playing, very relaxing. The spa thing really agitated the bubbles and I ended up having huge amounts of bubbles, maybe the best bath I've ever had. Chris called me into the living room just as the ball was about to drop and we toasted to the New Year.

I then slid into bed on the nice clean sheets. I made everyone clean their rooms yesterday and washed everyones sheets so we could start the new year off clean. Slept good, not much else to tell about our exciting New Year's Eve.

Kids friends come to sleep over in a few hours. I am looking forward to them having this time with friends.

Hope you are all having a great Day.
Love, Chelle

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