Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the Routine.

I don't like today. I drove my children all to school this morning. Now, here I sit, getting ready to do paperwork all day feeling really sorry for myself. My eyes and heart are full of tears thinking about my children in their classrooms going about their day and here I sit doing paperwork. Don't get me wrong the paperwork needs to get done, it's very important that it gets done and I am happy to do the work. It does not get done when they are home and I know that but still my heart is heavy. It is so quiet and I have grown to hate quiet, I feel so selfish for that because I know my good friends would love just one day of quiet and I have three this week to get through. I know this soon will pass it is just getting back into the routine of it all but again I don't like today. I keep thinking about the day the Jose and I spent three hours putting together a lego house and the night we all played Apples to Apples or all the conversations I got to have with them. They were so happy most of this time off and I really got to enjoy them but back to the routine.
I do hope all that are starting back to school today are having a great day and enjoying getting back to the routine more than I am.
Love to you all-Chelle

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