Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun Summer Evening

AAAhhh Summer!!!!

I love it!!! The kids are out of school and enjoying freedom. I am enjoying them.

Today Chris bought them a trampoline. Our kids have never had one of their own, only borrowed time playing on the one our dear friends the Browns own. I noticed how much they enjoyed bouncing to the sky this past time we visited so I vowed to make sure we got them one for the summer. Today was that day. They cheered and clapped as Daddy built it up. After that the fun began.

All of the kids had their rounds of jumps. It wasn't long before the kid in my sweet husband was calling and he went running to get on. Jose yells "oh no here comes big "C"...look out" seconds later was my husband jumping to the sky. The kids thought it was hilarious. I told him he was crazy but soon I too found myself wanting to jump. I wasn't sure those springs would hold this big mama but Big "C" assured me he attached 72 springs and it was all good so in I went. We laughed and
jumped and played ring around the rosey and then jumped to fall down. It did my heart such good to play like that and enjoy my children.

At dusk the fire flys were out. We looked out into the corn field and saw thousands of them, it was soooo beautiful. Joseph said it looked like a hundred stars jumping out of the corn.

I praise you Lord for the family you hath gifted me and consider it as close to heaven on Earth these nights like this.

Hope your summer is as sweet!
Love, Chelle

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  1. YAY! We love our trampoline and I vowed I would NEVER have one...well, Keith vowed it! SO glad we have one! It is a life saver! Sounds like a fun time!